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    • avatar moutazmizo87 2

      This is incredible thanks

      • avatar Bryan Mandan 1

        GREAT GREAT GREAAAAAAAAT INFORMATION .. STRAIGHT UP love her!!!! I wanna marry her!!! she had me smiling the entire time…

        • avatar NollieFlipX 0

          Thank you so much for all these tips! You took time to make this video, and it came out great, full of amazing insights. I am very grateful for that! Please keep up this amazing work.

          • avatar Lewis Waterfield 1

            Hi Aimee just for reference, would it be acceptable for me to write on a cover letter that you know of someone who works at the company and that they really enjoy working there/ recommend a job there etc and to mention that persons name? Thanks, Lewis!

            • avatar Miya Lu 1

              Thank you! this is a very helpful video! :) Hope I get my dream internship haha

              • avatar Kurt Francis 1

                Very well explained. Appreciate it

                • avatar thewayofhala 1

                  i really needed to watch your encouraging advising video , that was quite beneficial , Love it & thanks <3

                  • avatar Deepak Shukla 0

                    Cool vid; really like it. Looking forward to watching some more :)

                    • avatar Lloyd Richards 1

                      love your vibe. strong.

                      • avatar Hakob Khachatryan 2

                        I loved this video it was very helpful, thank you so much!

                        • avatar 杨子超 2

                          WTF this just blew my mind even though this video was made three years ago. I am gonna watch this again.