1. Huzaifah bin Azhar Huzaifah bin Azhar

    Pilot's certificate is a degree.

  2. uziXwraith uziXwraith

    someone should tell this guy that all those jobs he just listed off like a drone, require schooling still. best is to kill yourself at 18. shoot all the gangbangers in your school before you go tho.

  3. Farhan Wazir Farhan Wazir

    I'm glad I'm supply chain management supervisor 😃

  4. Beauty for Ashes 2016 Anastasia Beauty for Ashes 2016 Anastasia

    Change is here.

  5. Killermaniv2 Killermaniv2

    I just realized i was watching wall skeet journal

  6. CKeithTV CKeithTV

    I was gonna trust this video but…….

  7. Ricky Ricky Ricky Ricky

    you forgot uber driving

  8. Clio Lang Clio Lang

    so basically you have to live with your parents for 2-8 years prior to hs graduation for these jobs that you might not even like or get into while working a shittier job to help your parents pay rent cuz you're grown. which is time that you could've gotten an education instead in something you like. debt is inevitable.

  9. dambigfoot dambigfoot

    All these jobs require tons of training. These jobs they don't train you right out of high school. I think thats what most people are looking for. High paying jobs that you can get without your parents money, because most of us are not rich.

  10. Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum

    Work with your brain or work with your back

  11. Brazos Fyock Brazos Fyock

    I am just a 11 year old. BUT I want a good and happy life when I grow up. I also want a Corvette. But I know we don't always get what we want.

  12. straightouttaLA69 straightouttaLA69

    those are still shitty salary's I wanna make $100,000 or more a year a heart surgeon makes $500,000 a year but that's to many years of school around 10 or 8

  13. moneyhungryyt moneyhungryyt

    The title of this video is retarded and untrue


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