1. Trust Tay Trust Tay

    Gotta get rid of Welfare, we are watering the wrong plants

  2. Mabb Shawn Mabb Shawn

    WoW! You're a bit of a cunt! Let's hope that you never need those "poor" folk one day. Meh, I love ya anyway. It's what us poor folk do when the robots go all SkyNet.

  3. Aramis Brazeal Aramis Brazeal

    Of course you don't need the labor anymore, you used and abused the labor until you got to the point you are now in life so want you just do everybody a great big favor and (STFU) You people sicken me.

  4. spanky9067 spanky9067

    Guaranteed income????? 10 minutes ago I thought you were the best thing I have seen on YouTube in months but now…..

  5. Stefan L Stefan L

    us citizens working in overseas have to pay double tax. Does it make sense?

  6. Stefan L Stefan L

    us citizens working in overseas have to pay double tax. Does it make sense?

  7. jsgdk jsgdk

    Circulation drives capitalism, profit drives innovation, without circulation there will be no profit for new innovation. People having money to spend is essential for the good kind of capitalism. Unless you want some sick kind of king-maker end-game capitalism, if you do you are either insane or in the top 0.01%(and still a bit insane imo)

  8. Folopolis Folopolis

    It is every Americans patriotic duty to pay as little in taxes as possible.

  9. Ethherum Ethherum

    Taxes are a myth. No government program is paid for by tax revenue. There were how many multi-trillion dollar bailouts since Obama took office? If the government needs money, they print it. You and your tax dollars are superfluous, they still insist on collecting taxes as essentially a psy-op to make proles feel important enough to prevent kamikaze attacks. At the federal level, that is, but that matriculates to the local level though subsidies that make up the lion's share of spending everywhere.

  10. Curtius Simplus Curtius Simplus

    I like your style here. It is not too much to ask the highest to give a little bit. Your income bracket is NOT the working classes enemy … Nor are we yours.

  11. Roman Al Lami Roman Al Lami

    Your NatSoc is showing

  12. Brandon Cole Brandon Cole

    is this a troll lol guranteed income? stuff isnt that autonomous i just had to put off movimg to texas because they just got a horde of immigrants crowding the entry level sector. theres always gonna be jobs for ppl to do with good ole fashioned hand tools. like electrical work, plumbing, hvac, mechanical, maintanence, civil upkeep, infrastructure jobs. and many times machine will just not be a cost effective alternative. especially when u can get illegals to do it for next to nothing and evade the ridiculous taxes that accompany running a business.

  13. Randy L Randy L

    I'd like to know what percentage income tax is compared to total revenue including sales taxes and all the other streams of government revenue.

  14. Dev S Dev S

    Ramzpaul is wrong on so many levels. The working and middle class provide the excess value they offer to the business owners at wages. These wages (income) are taxed to provide for government spending. The businesses are gambles that go up or down, and are taxed less because the more business, the more wages can be earned and capital accumulated to be taxed at the income level. Businesses are taxed, but one of the reasons the tax code is so long is so those familiar with the government workings can pay little tax or receive payments from the IRS as negative tax if you can work the system. It costs lots of money to work the system with (((experts))) so the only ones who can really do this are either wealthy or corporate enterprises flush in capital. This high amount of capital is gathered through the tens of thousands of hours of excess value made by wage earners.

    Second, automation does not displace labor as cheap. it makes labor more valued. a craftsman can be more productive with a good set of power tools than rudimentary hand tools. Now power tools are organized, roboticized, and programmed by the highly salaried technician paid on a wage while the capital owners of the company receive the excess value. With 1 specialist doing the labor of 100 men, they are free to work where the 1 laborers wages can buy him luxuries produced by the 99 percent of labor at a higher value if and only if their market is protected from labor dilution. Then they all can rise within the capitalist system to receive relative equity with capital owners as they climbed a ladder that empowered them to freely compete.

    Globalism has brought an artificial oversupply of people with limited resources making a ladder upwards more difficult. Low agency third worlders living on total poverty to western poverty is better for them but widens the gap between labor and capital where service industry on specialized luxuries become a new servant class.

    Basic income as a socialist stepping stone will become a crutch that disincentives work. Instead of being a tax and spend liberal democrat who always fails, why not protect national markets and treat labor more than a raw resource. Capitalism when done nationally rather than globally works only when its regulated for the people's benefit instead of for capital benefit.

    An Americentric capitalist woild enfrancise labor through national boarders and imperialist resource domination. A socialist would distribute excess profit as wage through state directed enterprise. A modern globalist would use cosmopolitan liberal dermocracy to fuck over the working classes (slaves) to provide value for high capital and placated welfare. You are very very Wrong on your analysis. If you honestly believe welfare is the solution of social inequity that doesn't kill innovation and self reliance then Vote Sanders or Hillary, register democrat, and never call yourself a an alt-rightist again. Honestlg I think you talk off the cuff without giving much thought to your answers and it sounds ignorant.

  15. Jeff Ruffner Jeff Ruffner

    Machines can't do everything actually and we will need labor for a vary for ever….


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