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    • avatar kalyan kumar 1

      can i claim tax relief under DTAA for last year filed tax return?

      • avatar Hack Empire 1

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        • avatar Herambh Naram 1

          Very nice video.. example helped me a lot .. one query though does it change if I'm in Australia with a PR visa compared to a 457 work visa. Thanks

          • avatar Akshaya Ramesh 2

            At what rate should I convert the income to INR?

            • avatar Daljit Kaur 1

              good that u added "hypothetical hai itna to milta nhi hai"……1:53

              • avatar Abhishek Tyagi 0

                HI ,

                I have paid 100% advance tax on foreign income earned on 15th march 2016 but while filling the ITR-2 ,tax utility showing the some amount under "For deferment of advance tax (section 234C)" . as i paid the advance tax well within schedule so i am not sure why there is some amount coming up in "For deferment of advance tax (section 234C)"

                • avatar Himanshu Jain 1

                  I have a question. how do i convert the money earned in USD to INR, while filing ITR2. FYI, since I fall in " Resident" since I was in USA for < 182 days last year. I was there for 4 months (Aug15 to Nov15), hence received USD salary 4 times. What conversion factor (USD to INR) I have to use to report this foreign salary?

                  • avatar Krish Mondal 2

                    hi amlan pls tell ur facebook id

                    • avatar vikasmin25 1

                      Thanks Amlan.. Very helping…

                      • avatar Vinod Kumar 1

                        Thanks for the video Mr. Amlan Dutta. It helps me lot to understand about DTAA 90 & 91. Can you please let me know What is the percentage of tax relief available for income from China. (Consultancy Services given in China and Tax deducted in China).
                        Thank You.

                        • avatar Braham Sharma 1

                          Dear ALMANI am an NRI & do trade in shares. I have not filed my income tax return for FY 2013-14(AY 2014-15), Please let me know that up to which date can I file the returnThanks & RegardsSharma